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About Tha Avenue

Look at Tha Roots...

The concept of 'Nappy Avenue' is the brainchild of it's founder, a rapper/musician and visual artist by the name of Joshua "CZAR" McMillion. 

'Nappy Avenue' was originally thought of as an album concept, inspired by his time growing up on the Eastside of Atlanta, Georgia and in the Pierce Street and Diamond Hill neighborhoods of Lynchburg, Virginia. Fashioned and motivated by the prolific examples of Black Excellence and the arts in both places, CZAR realized his passion and purpose: to create art for his people, to inspire and uplift his people. 

CZAR is a published illustrator, and budding graphic designer. In the musical world, he's an elevating force in conscious, southern hip hop music and has charted on the iTunes hip hop charts. But despite his accomplishments, the mission for him has always been to prioritize the purpose and integrity of his art above everything else. 



What's With Tha Name?

The name is a play on the connotation of 'nappy hair'. When hair is 'nappy', it is traditionally viewed as wild, unkept, or unsanitary. But as with one of many Black traditions, the inception of the Nappy Avenue brand is an attempt to reclaim this word 'nappy'; to promote our wild, our freedom, our being care-free, and our being unbound by the many racial and social barriers that have restrained the Black community.


What's Tha Vision?

The Nappy Avenue Brand is an ATL based company, but also an artistic venture to promote this freedom, producing quality clothing and keepsakes that express Blackness and the Black experience - but also with the intention of reinvesting a portion of all profits back into the types of communities that helped CZAR and his peers, and family become the people they are today.

After all, it does take a village, or an Avenue, rather....